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Brazil day And South America day

We had some chocolate on Brazil day. We smelled it, looked at it and tasted it to guess if it was Fairtrade.

We made a poppy out of clay. When it was dry, we painted it pink.

We made pictures with coloured paper, glue and salt for snow.

We weaved using string and straws.

I enjoyed the two days.


South America

  • In South America, it can be freezing.
  • We were making roses made out of clay in Miss Boot’s class.
  • At Miss Miller’s class we been dancing in groups.
  • Before danced in Miss Miller’s class, we weaved a cross with strings and wool.
  • After, when second group finished dancing, we made a mountain picture.


Weaving instructions

1.You will need to get some straws.

2.Get some tape and make a plus with your straws.

3. Wrap the tape around the middle.

4.Take some string and wrap it round the crossed straws.





























South America day

1.We made islands that are on Lake Titicaca. If you do not know what they are, they are straw houses on a island. The straw floats on water. We made our own from straw, tin foil and cardboard stuck together.

2.We did Inca dancing and showed each other our own moves to the music.  I  liked Jayden A,  Jaden B and Keir’s dance the best and it was really fun.

3.We also did weaving. We used 2 straws and some string and wrapped it around the straws.

South America blogging day

My favourite part was making at islands because I like challenges and I had fun building them.

But in the afternoon we also made some mountain collages. It was a lot of fun.

My second favourite thing was learning about Machu Picchu because I’m interested in adventures and it was a lost city. I like old stories about kings who ruled cities. The thing that was the hardest was the floating island. We had to make a house from tin foil and it needed to float on water and look like the real floating islands.

Jayden A

My favourite thing was the Inca dancing. Me and my friends made up a dance and we made the whole class laugh. My second favourite thing was weaving. It was fun because you got to use a lot of different colours and sting.

Jaden B


















South America blogging event


We had an awesome day at Norbridge Academy. We learnt all about South America. We did clay roses, weaving, islands on lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Inca dancing and mountain collages.

Jagoda liked when we did the clay roses because they are most important flower in Ecuador.      Julia liked when we did the mountain collage pictures because we used salt.

Together we liked doing inca dancing.

We had a very good day, everyone enjoyed everything😎

By Julia and Jagoda