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Treasure Box Story

Today’s news

7 am news 
The shiny, beautiful, colourful box was discovered in a military base underground. The army had kept this box for millions of years hoping no robbers of thieves will steal it.
It was made by the Gods of ancient Greece. The box was once hidden underground by Zeus. It is shiny because it has got Zeus’s lightening power. It was stolen from Greece and brought to England millions of years ago.  No one ever saw it because it’s so rare, not even the guards were allowed to see it or know what’s inside. One guard saw it and told his friends about it and they went to the news. The scientists are now wondering what’s inside.  We now need to get it out and find out.
12 pm news
We are not sure but we think inside the box, is a magical potion that makes you handsome and flexible fast and gives you a beautiful singing voice. At at some point soon, we are going to get it out. If you are a robber and are watching, you have no chance of getting your hands on it because the reinforcements will come. 
10 pm news
We have now found the box deep in a military base and put it in a security room with guards in to protect it. It’s impossible for anyone to steal it because there are 1000000000000 ways in a maze building,lasers in the room and volts to the box.  If anyone wants to steal it, they are going to have to risk their life. Apparently a robber died from trying to get in the security room. But who will dare to rob it next?