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Gold and gold

It began with a pair of false teeth, or rather

it began without a pair of false teeth.

Actually ,now if I think about it, that’s not exactly the beginning of the story. It might have begun with a red nose. A clown’s red nose, the day that went missing.  That’s not really anything. The start of the story was when a little boy lived in the dirty and rainy streets of Paris. The little boy always asked for a penny everyday.Rather than getting one, he got rubbish thrown at him. One sunny day, he got hot and lost his temper and he went to the rubbish pile and he fell into it (it would’ve stinked).

While trying to get out,he saw 1 polished brown box and 1 rough brown thing. First he touched the rough thing ,rather then being a good thing it was a gross One ,poop. He touched other one and he took it out of the pile and it was a box. When he opened the box, it was full of golden coins, crowns and gold! He freaked out and ran to a hospital to get a job for a golden coin. He bought a ginormous mansion to live in had 5 amazing cars. He bought some awesome gadgets and clothes . He also bought some awesome shoes.THE END




By Taha


Max’s dairy

Dear Diary,
I feel rotten because my poor aunntie Betty got squashed under a monster machine .
She used to get me juicy worms and slugs to eat.
I ate them and went to play outside.
Why didn’t I tell her about the road?
I could have gone with her.I heard Ma and pa talking about it ,I need to talk to them.

By Mason and Taha