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The Treasure Chest

In Rio, there was a house that no one had ever been in. Everyone who had passed it went to the other side of the street, but one day an elderly couple lived in there. The legend is whoever goes in never comes out. But the couple lived there for 2 years. The old man shivers which was as terrifying as snakes. But when they went up to the loft, there was a dim glow at the back of the loft. They both went over with fright in their faces, they looked in the box…

To be continued
By Jaden b

Max’s diary entry

Dear diary,

Today was dreadful because I heard the terrible news that my loving, caring Aunty Betty has got ran over by a vast, nonstopping machine. Have any of your family died? Well it’s dreadfully horrible. I wonder how pa and ma are, they must tearful. But why did she have to die? She died in the worst way possible she got ran over by a colourful machine.

she was my favourite Antie Betty. I bet ma is so sad because it’s all on her side of the family too. First there was grandfather, then her second cousin now poor old Auntie Betty.

I wonder how do humans cross the road? I’m going to find out how humans cross the road. I need to find out for my poor old Antie Betty.

by Jayden and Jaden