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South America day

Today I had a great day with my friends. First we did wool weaving with Miss Boot which I enjoyed a lot. It was great fun. Then we made a flower (a rose made out of clay) which was also good fun. Also, we learned about Machu Picchu. We watched a video about 2 children who went up over 1000 steps to see the lost village.

That was just the start. After that, we went to Miss Miller to learn some more things about South America. When we did that, we did some Inca dancing and then performed it. It was hard, me (Caitlin) keyleigh, Alex and Riley worked in a group. Finally, we made islands from foil and straw.


By Caitlin and keyleigh

Max’s dairy entry

Dear Diary,

I am speechless because my loving, old , pretty antie Betty has got ranover from a terrible,horrible machine. It was deverstating. I felt so sorry my Auntie Betty and I dred my ma is so Cheerless too. Why did she go across the road anyway? Why did it have to be Auntie Betty?

by Caitlin and Gracie