The wondering treasure of magic

One shiny, glorious day, there were 2 boys called Alex and Jayden. They loved to search for glorious, shiny treasure. They called themselves THE GREAT TREASURE HUNTERS. So far they have found a diamond, £1000 of collections of 2ps 10ps and £1, a golden shoe, a ruby necklace and a magic wand  (that they found last night) which they still haven’t  used.

”I wonder what it does?” whispered Jayden to Alex. “Same,” agreed Alex. The next day, they went on a quick walk along the street. When they got home, they used the magic wand. It made a map in their hand. They thought it was useless so blindly threw it away, but little did they know it was something that could be used by them often.

After that, they used it again. It made a fake diamond – they thought it was real.  When they got into their room, it fell and shattered into millions of razor-sharp pieces of glass. “Why did that break?” asked Alex staring at the pieces in front of him as his eyes filled with tears. “Don’t cry you big baby, we’ll look for some more treasure tomorrow,” Jayden joked, nudging Alex.” “Alex, Jayden why have you trashed a treasure map?” shouted Alex’s mum. “What treasure map?” Alex said confused. So they went downstairs and had a close look. It was the map that came from the magic wand. “I wonder where the treasure actually is?” asked Jayden excited so much he could cry.

So the next day they went outside to look for the treasure on the map. It was called The wondering treasure of magic. As they went to find the treasure, they went past all these famous landmarks (Great wall of China, Stone Henge, Statue of Liberty, Buckingham Palace and last but not least, the Eiffel Tower. Then finally when they nearly got there, they had to cross an ocean. They saw sharks, alligators, crocodiles and other fish.

So when they finally got there, they realised they forgot their shovel so they had to search for supplies e.g. Strong branches, wood and other things like that. So when they got some shovels they dug an the x marks the spot and found nothing but a glittery stone. So they both said “let’s go home.” But then the boat was gone. “I wish we could get back home,” whimpered Jayden. And the next thing they knew they were at home. And their mum was telling them a bedtime story so they lived happily ever after but then…


. The End of a adventures and amazing story

. By Alexander


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