Treasure blogging challenge.

One day an ordinary boy was admiring his new Xbox1 from Santa. His name was Jeff, also Jeff had loads of money from his loving,supportive family. With having all of the money he went to the shop to buy to games for his new Xbox1. “What exciting games should I buy? I┬áthink I should buy Fifa 17 and minecraft.”

“I have to wait for both games to update on my amazing, new xbox1.” “I Am going outside into my deserted garden to play football.” “Oh dear my ball went into the tree and I need to fetch it.” Then Jeff saw a treasure chest behind the tree, he opened the sparkling lid on the chest. Suddenly, a huge portal rose from the chest and it took Jeff to the ‘never’.

When Jeff woke up in the ‘never,’ he went to go and explore. He exclaimed to himself “I’m starving, let’s go and find some food.” Then he saw a lot of chocolate coins, sparkling on the ground.

“I feel sick,” said Jeff after eating all the chocolate coins, “I couldn’t resist eating them all”.

“How am I going to get home?” He thought to himself. So he went back to the portal. “Let’s hope that the portal hasn’t closed.” Jeff flew through the portal like a pigeon.

He popped out of the extraordinary treasure chest and he said “thank you for the adventure, I need to go home for my supper.”

The end.


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