The Treasure Chest

Long, long, long ago in a city of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, I was watching the noisy, colorful carnival from the soft, golden beach. As I was watching the  carnival carefully, I saw something bright and shiny on a carnival van…! I couldn’t tell what it was from far away “it is just to far away,” I sighed to myself.”It could have been something special, oh well I’m sure they’ll come back.”

A couple of days later, the carnival van came back. “This time I will not lose a chance” I said to myself. As soon as the van came back, I went to a shop named !Go for a ride! and bought a pair of shiny, glistening roller skates that cost £30. As soon as I put the roller skates on, I chased the colourful, small carnival van. I decided to spy on the van.

After 20 minutes ride, we arrived at the strange, huge garage. On the way in, I saw a little code lock on the wall outside the garage. The fat, bald man came out the van and typed a weird code in. The code was 1026. All the time I was careful because I did not want someone to notice me. Then all of a sudden, someone caught me and threw me into the cellar…

In the cellar it was dark, wet and hard to live. I felt scared, I didn’t know what to do in there. Suddenly, I heard a squeaky noise coming from a hole. I saw it was a little, furry rat. “Follow me” he squeaked. “I will dig you a tunnel to escape”. It lasted many hours for me to be free but finally we got out of the cellar.

As the man saw me get out he said, “sorry I was just in a bad mood.” “It doesn’t matter,” I said. “At least I am alive”. I don’t know what he did this for, but the shiny thing was treasure and he gave half to me! We became happy friends and lived happy ever after!


                                                                  THE END

By Julia


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