Julia’s instructions:

This week, Max sent us a letter asking the children to write him and his family instructions for how to cross the road safely. He came and collected them the next day!

How to cross the road safely without a bash – a guide for hedgehogs

Have you ever dared to cross a busy, noisy road? By listening carefully to these easy to follow instructions, there will be a small chance of being flattened. Good luck!

You will need:

Cardboard box

A human

A road (black and white)


  1. First, get a cardboard box (there should be one next to a litter bin).
  2. Next, write (with a white, bricky chalkstone) “deliver to the newsagents.”
  3. After that, jump into a box and wait.
  4. Meanwhile, wait for the box to move (this is a human lifting it).
  5. Wait a couple more seconds and feel a drop.
  6. Now get out of the deep box.

Finally, you should have reached your destination. Hope you enjoyed these instructions!


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