Max’s diary

13th March 1984

Dear diary

I heard tragic news last night, it was my all time favourite Aunty Betty. ¬†She’s copped and in the deadliest way possible.She got flattened by one of those vengeful , dreadful machines. I feel distraught and rotten because ma has to cope with the third this year.


Max’s dairy entry

Dear Diary,

I am speechless because my loving, old , pretty antie Betty has got ranover from a terrible,horrible machine. It was deverstating. I felt so sorry my Auntie Betty and I dred my ma is so Cheerless too. Why did she go across the road anyway? Why did it have to be Auntie Betty?

by Caitlin and Gracie

Max’s diary entry

Dear diary,

Today was dreadful because I heard the terrible news that my loving, caring Aunty Betty has got ran over by a vast, nonstopping machine. Have any of your family died? Well it’s dreadfully horrible. I wonder how pa and ma are, they must tearful. But why did she have to die? She died in the worst way possible she got ran over by a colourful machine.

she was my favourite Antie Betty. I bet ma is so sad because it’s all on her side of the family too. First there was grandfather, then her second cousin now poor old Auntie Betty.

I wonder how do humans cross the road? I’m going to find out how humans cross the road. I need to find out for my poor old Antie Betty.

by Jayden and Jaden

Max’s dairy entry

12 October 1572

Dear diary,

I can’t believe my loving old Auntie Betty has been ran over by a huge machine…!The machine that ran her over, it was massive and red. The news that I heard was so alful I cried.

Why did it need to be my Auntie Betty? I fell deverstated now she died! She was my favourite Auntie and I loved her so much.She used to take me to the gigantic park just across the busy road.She was so loving because she let me do whatever I want!

I am going to tell all of my family to not cross the busy road. None of the hedgehogs are going to get ran over.

by Harvey

Dear Diary

Dear diary

I heard ma and pa saying Auntie Betty is dead. I am crying my eyes out. We are all very scared.

Why did this have to happen to poor old Auntie Betty? She was the best Auntie in the world, we wish she didn’t die.


Max’s Diary

Thursday 13th October 1979

Dear diary,

Today my poor old Aunty Betty has died. She got ran over by a rolling machine and I don’t know what I’m going to do with out her. Why did she have to cross the road? She was going to the local Hedgehog park.

I feel so devastated because she was taking Pansy to the park to go hunting for food. I feel sosososo angry because she was my favourite Aunty in the family. I feel really upset for my Ma, most of her family have been runover too.

Now I’m going to research how to cross the road. l’m going to cross the road my self.

by Maggie and Hannah

Max’s dairy

Dear Diary,
I feel rotten because my poor aunntie Betty got squashed under a monster machine .
She used to get me juicy worms and slugs to eat.
I ate them and went to play outside.
Why didn’t I tell her about the road?
I could have gone with her.I heard Ma and pa talking about it ,I need to talk to them.

By Mason and Taha

Taha’s fact file:


What do they eat?
Hedgehogs surprisingly eat snakes and other animals like centipedes, mushrooms, caterpillars and other things. Hedgehogs hunt for their food at night.

Where do they live?

Hedgehogs live in grassy places, such as gardens and parks. They countries they can live in are England, Russia and Pakistan. (Once I saw one in my garden!)

Caitlin’s fact file:

Fun facts about Hedgehogs.
Did you know that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets? Some adults live up to 4-7 years! There are seven species of hedgehogs and they normally have 5000-6500 spikes! Hedgehogs hibernate in the winter and they like to be alone.