The Treasure Chest

In Rio, there was a house that no one had ever been in. Everyone who had passed it went to the other side of the street, but one day an elderly couple lived in there. The legend is whoever goes in never comes out. But the couple lived there for 2 years. The old man shivers which was as terrifying as snakes. But when they went up to the loft, there was a dim glow at the back of the loft. They both went over with fright in their faces, they looked in the box…

To be continued
By Jaden b

Gold and gold

It began with a pair of false teeth, or rather

it began without a pair of false teeth.

Actually ,now if I think about it, that’s not exactly the beginning of the story. It might have begun with a red nose. A clown’s red nose, the day that went missing.  That’s not really anything. The start of the story was when a little boy lived in the dirty and rainy streets of Paris. The little boy always asked for a penny everyday.Rather than getting one, he got rubbish thrown at him. One sunny day, he got hot and lost his temper and he went to the rubbish pile and he fell into it (it would’ve stinked).

While trying to get out,he saw 1 polished brown box and 1 rough brown thing. First he touched the rough thing ,rather then being a good thing it was a gross One ,poop. He touched other one and he took it out of the pile and it was a box. When he opened the box, it was full of golden coins, crowns and gold! He freaked out and ran to a hospital to get a job for a golden coin. He bought a ginormous mansion to live in had 5 amazing cars. He bought some awesome gadgets and clothes . He also bought some awesome shoes.THE END




By Taha


The wondering treasure of magic

One shiny, glorious day, there were 2 boys called Alex and Jayden. They loved to search for glorious, shiny treasure. They called themselves THE GREAT TREASURE HUNTERS. So far they have found a diamond, £1000 of collections of 2ps 10ps and £1, a golden shoe, a ruby necklace and a magic wand  (that they found last night) which they still haven’t  used.

”I wonder what it does?” whispered Jayden to Alex. “Same,” agreed Alex. The next day, they went on a quick walk along the street. When they got home, they used the magic wand. It made a map in their hand. They thought it was useless so blindly threw it away, but little did they know it was something that could be used by them often.

After that, they used it again. It made a fake diamond – they thought it was real.  When they got into their room, it fell and shattered into millions of razor-sharp pieces of glass. “Why did that break?” asked Alex staring at the pieces in front of him as his eyes filled with tears. “Don’t cry you big baby, we’ll look for some more treasure tomorrow,” Jayden joked, nudging Alex.” “Alex, Jayden why have you trashed a treasure map?” shouted Alex’s mum. “What treasure map?” Alex said confused. So they went downstairs and had a close look. It was the map that came from the magic wand. “I wonder where the treasure actually is?” asked Jayden excited so much he could cry.

So the next day they went outside to look for the treasure on the map. It was called The wondering treasure of magic. As they went to find the treasure, they went past all these famous landmarks (Great wall of China, Stone Henge, Statue of Liberty, Buckingham Palace and last but not least, the Eiffel Tower. Then finally when they nearly got there, they had to cross an ocean. They saw sharks, alligators, crocodiles and other fish.

So when they finally got there, they realised they forgot their shovel so they had to search for supplies e.g. Strong branches, wood and other things like that. So when they got some shovels they dug an the x marks the spot and found nothing but a glittery stone. So they both said “let’s go home.” But then the boat was gone. “I wish we could get back home,” whimpered Jayden. And the next thing they knew they were at home. And their mum was telling them a bedtime story so they lived happily ever after but then…


. The End of a adventures and amazing story

. By Alexander

The Golden Box

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Hallie and she was 9 years old. She lived in a mansion with her family in Leeds. One day, she went into the attic and found a secret door. She crept through the door and saw an absolutely massive, shiny, golden, sparkling and shimmering box. She peaked through it  but all she saw was a black empty box. She opened it all the way. There were glittering, gold shoes. She slid into them and she started flying around the house.

Blogging Challenge

One beautiful day, there was an old, rusty treasure chest in a gloomy, dark forest. Inside the treasure chest, I saw sparkly, glittery gems. I picked up the gems and a beautiful princess appeared. The princess said, “let’s go.” The princess took me to her me to her beautiful, sparkling castle. Inside the castle, I saw a picture of a star and I stepped into the star and saw a prince wearing a shiny crown and a pretty outfit. We became the best of friends and I lived happily ever after in the castle.

Treasure blogging challenge.

One day an ordinary boy was admiring his new Xbox1 from Santa. His name was Jeff, also Jeff had loads of money from his loving,supportive family. With having all of the money he went to the shop to buy to games for his new Xbox1. “What exciting games should I buy? I think I should buy Fifa 17 and minecraft.”

“I have to wait for both games to update on my amazing, new xbox1.” “I Am going outside into my deserted garden to play football.” “Oh dear my ball went into the tree and I need to fetch it.” Then Jeff saw a treasure chest behind the tree, he opened the sparkling lid on the chest. Suddenly, a huge portal rose from the chest and it took Jeff to the ‘never’.

When Jeff woke up in the ‘never,’ he went to go and explore. He exclaimed to himself “I’m starving, let’s go and find some food.” Then he saw a lot of chocolate coins, sparkling on the ground.

“I feel sick,” said Jeff after eating all the chocolate coins, “I couldn’t resist eating them all”.

“How am I going to get home?” He thought to himself. So he went back to the portal. “Let’s hope that the portal hasn’t closed.” Jeff flew through the portal like a pigeon.

He popped out of the extraordinary treasure chest and he said “thank you for the adventure, I need to go home for my supper.”

The end.

Treasure Box Story

Today’s news

7 am news 
The shiny, beautiful, colourful box was discovered in a military base underground. The army had kept this box for millions of years hoping no robbers of thieves will steal it.
It was made by the Gods of ancient Greece. The box was once hidden underground by Zeus. It is shiny because it has got Zeus’s lightening power. It was stolen from Greece and brought to England millions of years ago.  No one ever saw it because it’s so rare, not even the guards were allowed to see it or know what’s inside. One guard saw it and told his friends about it and they went to the news. The scientists are now wondering what’s inside.  We now need to get it out and find out.
12 pm news
We are not sure but we think inside the box, is a magical potion that makes you handsome and flexible fast and gives you a beautiful singing voice. At at some point soon, we are going to get it out. If you are a robber and are watching, you have no chance of getting your hands on it because the reinforcements will come. 
10 pm news
We have now found the box deep in a military base and put it in a security room with guards in to protect it. It’s impossible for anyone to steal it because there are 1000000000000 ways in a maze building,lasers in the room and volts to the box.  If anyone wants to steal it, they are going to have to risk their life. Apparently a robber died from trying to get in the security room. But who will dare to rob it next? 

The Treasure Chest

Long, long, long ago in a city of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, I was watching the noisy, colorful carnival from the soft, golden beach. As I was watching the  carnival carefully, I saw something bright and shiny on a carnival van…! I couldn’t tell what it was from far away “it is just to far away,” I sighed to myself.”It could have been something special, oh well I’m sure they’ll come back.”

A couple of days later, the carnival van came back. “This time I will not lose a chance” I said to myself. As soon as the van came back, I went to a shop named !Go for a ride! and bought a pair of shiny, glistening roller skates that cost £30. As soon as I put the roller skates on, I chased the colourful, small carnival van. I decided to spy on the van.

After 20 minutes ride, we arrived at the strange, huge garage. On the way in, I saw a little code lock on the wall outside the garage. The fat, bald man came out the van and typed a weird code in. The code was 1026. All the time I was careful because I did not want someone to notice me. Then all of a sudden, someone caught me and threw me into the cellar…

In the cellar it was dark, wet and hard to live. I felt scared, I didn’t know what to do in there. Suddenly, I heard a squeaky noise coming from a hole. I saw it was a little, furry rat. “Follow me” he squeaked. “I will dig you a tunnel to escape”. It lasted many hours for me to be free but finally we got out of the cellar.

As the man saw me get out he said, “sorry I was just in a bad mood.” “It doesn’t matter,” I said. “At least I am alive”. I don’t know what he did this for, but the shiny thing was treasure and he gave half to me! We became happy friends and lived happy ever after!


                                                                  THE END

By Julia

Treasure Story from Jakub W

One day, I walked across the wood to the bank of the river then I spotted a huge, broken pirate ship , hidden behind the rocks. I went to the lower deck of the pirate ship and found a large, wooden box with open lid. I got closer. The shiny, yellow, gold light dazed my eyes. I stopped for a moment, but my curiosity was stronger. I found a box full of treasure. The shine was so strong and was hurting my eyes. I closed the lid and I grabbed some wood and wheels to take this treasure box home. I brought treasure as fast as I could and I gave it to my parents. I told them where I found it, but the didn’t believe me. Then I went with my dad to show him the ship. He was amazed like me.